Friday, August 9, 2013

Simple tips to be prepared for a hurricane in Orlando.

In Florida it is the season for hurricanes and tropical storms, if you are visiting Orlando in might be a good idea to be 'aware' just incase you are on vacation and a big storm hits.

Keep checking media coverage and tropical storm tracker sites on the internet.
Follow the hotel or accommodations guidelines.
Always keep your mobile phone fully charged.
Make sure your car is full of gas.
In case of a power cut stock up on extra food.
Stock up on water.
Make sure you have access to cash in case ATM’s are out of order.
In the event you have to evacuate have a handy bag with toiletries, medications needed, and drinking water.
Theme Parks may close due to severe weather, be prepared to change your daily plans.
If severe stay indoors and wait.
Listen and adhere to what the authorities say.
Use common sense.

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