Monday, February 2, 2009

Orlando Weather - February 2009

The weather prediction for the next 10 days seems to be mainly sunny with a few clouds, although today rain is expected.
Monday February 2nd- rain, chance of thunder. high 66F low 50F

Tuesday February 3rd- sunny, high 60F low 37F

Wednesday February 4th- sunny/cloudy, high 53F low 32F

Thursday February 5th- sunny, high 57F low 40F

Friday February 6th- sunny, high 67F low 45F

Saturday February 7th- early fog, sunny/cloudy, high 71F low 51F

Sunday February 8th- sunny, high 68F low 56F

Monday February 9th- sunny, high 73F low 55F

Tuesday February 10th- partly sunny, high 78F 60F

Wednesday February 11th- sun/showers, high 78F low 57F

Archive suggests:-
Expected high –76F
Expected low-56 F

Expected high-81 F
Expected low-63 F

From our Orlando Weather Blog.

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